About OBronze

Ornamental Bronze Limited (“OBRONZE”) is a non-ferrous foundry which was founded in 1928.

OBRONZE is located in the City of Richmond in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.

OBRONZE has 2 divisions offering a wide range of castings in bronze, brass and aluminum alloys.

The Memorial Division offers:

  • grave markers, cremation markers, niche plates, plot markers and other memorial plaques;
  • dedication plaques, crests, war memorials, appreciation and recognition plates for all needs;
  • signage for businesses, residences, offices, buildings, apartments or other projects;
  • design, graphics, artistic modeling and pattern work in producing objects for architectural and other all special projects and events.

Our Memorial Division builds memories in bronze and aluminum.

The Industrial Division offers:

  • custom castings in bronze, brass and aluminum alloys for any and all industrial applications;
  • design consultation and pattern making for industrial castings;
  • heat-treating services for all applicable aluminum alloys.

OBRONZE is a customer oriented company which strives to build long lasting business relationships.

Estimates and layout suggestions are always available without cost or obligation.