Industrial Division

The casting of metal, although over thousands of years old, is still the most efficient method of making multiple parts. Industrial cast parts which combine economy with improved part design can minimize machining and the number of parts in an assembly. The smooth flowing lines of cast parts is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

OBRONZE has a long history of producing the highest quality castings. Our industrial castings are no exception. We have a team of highly qualified tradesmen well versed in the art of casting non-ferrous alloys.

We produce pressure tight castings in a variety of alloys of any section thickness within the 10 to 80 pound range and can cast up to 400 pounds.

We cast small, medium and large production runs with a very short lead time and “on time service”. We provide excellent turn-around times on “rush” and “one off” items.

OBRONZE is a customer oriented company that offers input at every stage of your casting development.