The Memorial Process

The beginning of your memorial starts with the wording you have chosen to be part of the memorial. The lettering is applied to either custom or premade patterns of many different designs and sizes.

This completed pattern is used to prepare a sand mould to receive the bronze. The bronze alloy consists of copper, tin, lead and zinc and is melted in crucibles at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees. The molten bronze is poured into the sand mould cavity creating the bronze memorial.

After the casting has cooled, it is hand-finished by our artisans ensuring lettering and ornamentation meets our exacting standards.

A statuary paint color is applied to the memorial. The lettering and artwork are then hand polished to provide a beautiful golden contrast to the memorial background.

Finally, a hi-grade clear-coat gloss or matte finish is applied to the surface guaranteeing a durable, weather-resistant finish.
The final stage before installation in the cemetery is mounting your bronze memorial onto either a granite or concrete base.

Repairing and Restoring Memorials

If you have an existing memorial which needs to be restored, repaired, re-finished or repainted, our expert craftsmen can restore your memorial to its original mint condition.

Please contact us for details and prices.