Ornamental Bronze Limited has 3 unique divisions offering a wide range of castings in bronze and aluminum alloys. These divisions include Industrial, Memorial & Custom Castings.


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In today's high-tech age of mass-produced consumer goods, it is often hard to find products that evoke an artisan's craftsmanship. OBCO has kept a fine tradition alive for over 80 years, producing bronze memorials of unsurpassed quality. The design and lettering on every bronze memorial is hand-chased, highlighted and carefully polished. Read More


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We can create unique castings to commemorate a business, government, military or educational organization, person, religious theme, event, building, monument, bridge, road or other product that you manufacture or create. Read More

Architectural and Custom Castings

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At Ornamental Bronze we have a way making metal talk. Quite a few ways, in fact... Our master craftsmen can give your message solid authority in distinguished bronze; casual prestige in aluminum or an individual theme in intricate pattern work. We can mold quiet dignity into a memorial piece, pride in a military insignia and timeless beauty into a tribute. Read More

Industrial Division

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The casting of metal although over thousands of years old is still the most efficient method of making multiple parts. Industrial cast parts combining economy with improved part design can minimize machining and the number of parts in an assembly. The smooth flowing lines of cast parts is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Read More